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1/21/13 – 1/27/13

With Summer B now underway, advice Coaches Morgan Keppel and Michael Pancotto now have weekly training schedules that will be posted here on the site.

Check out the week’s workouts under the “Training Schedule” tab above, or click here.

Remember, only train at your current level of fitness. If you’re new to running, your easy runs probably shouldn’t be seven-milers. Aim to gradually build up your weekly mileage, as summertime training provides a “base” for cross country in the fall!

Run smart, train smart!

Training questions? Everyone can pose questions in the Facebook group (see the link at right), and one of the coaches or other officers will be happy to assist you online or face to face at a practice!
Monday – 30-70 minutes starting easy and finishing at a moderate pace. 6x80m uphill sprints with full recovery (walk-down the hill) at the end.
Tuesday – 30-60 minutes recovery run.
Wednesday – 30-70 minutes easy.
Thursday – 1-2 mile warmup, ailment
2×2 miles at threshold pace with 2 minute recovery after each segment, 4x200m at race pace with full recovery (200m jog), 1-2 mile cool down.
Friday – 30-70 minutes recovery
Saturday – Long run of anywhere from 50 minutes up to an hour and 45 minutes.
Sunday – 30-40 minute recovery run/cross-train/day off.

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