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2/11/13 – 2/17/13

Monday (workout day): Start with a 1.5-3mile warmup (make sure your legs are actually warmed up so you don’t pull anything). Do some stretches (both dynamic and static), sildenafil do 2-4 100m strides, hepatitis and get some water. The workout is a little tough today. You will be doing 1min hard on the track, 50seconds off, 1min hard, 40seconds off, 1min hard 30seconds off, 1min hard 20seconds off, 1 min hard 10seconds off, 1 min hard 10seconds off, 1min hard 20seconds off, 1 min hard 30seconds off, 1min hard 40seconds off, 1min hard 50seconds off. DON’T underestimate this part of the workout…It isn’t as easy as you think. Try and complete this at about 80-90% race pace. After that, do 4-6 200s at your desired 800m pace (in between each one either take a standing rest for 1-1 1/2 minutes or do a 200m jog in between). Then cool down for a mile or two and stretch!

Tuesday: Run 4-8 miles at a comfortable pace. Try and keep the pace consistent so you can get in the habit of making this your usual Tuesday running pace! Finish with 4-6 100m strides (try and get in the grass to stride…if you can’t then its ok).

Wednesday: Run 5-9miles and include a fartleck in the middle of the run (Remember: fartleck means (but not limited to) running for 2mins hard, 1min easy and repeating 3-6times). This type of run is used to help loosen your legs for Thursday’s workout!

Thursday (workout day): Start with a 1.5-3mile warmup (again making sure your legs are actually warmed up so you don’t pull anything). Do some stretches (both dynamic and static), 2-4 100m strides, and get some water. You will be doing 200m repeats again but this time you won’t be doing Easy/Medium/Hard…All of these will be Hard. You will be doing 8-16 200ms hard with a 200m jog/walk in between each one. Try and aim these to be 2-4seconds off of your desired 800m pace (ex: if your goal is to run a 2:00 800, do these repeats between 32-34seconds for each one). After completing this, end with 2-4 100m all out sprints with a 1-2minute resting period in between. This will help you with your closing speed as you are coming down the straight away to conquer that PR of yours! End with a 1-2mile cooldown and stretch.

Friday: Friday funday! Go out for a nice, whatever pace your heart desires, run and explore the wonders of Gainesville. Try and keep it between 3-7miles so your legs get a nice rest but most importantly have fun with the run (Parkour if you feel up to it!!).

Saturday: Long Distance Run! We tend to drive out from the track at 7am to San Felasco and run (depending on your desire) anywhere from 5-13miles. You usually want this day to be the longest you run in the week, so if the longest you ran was 8miles, try and do 9-11miles. With endurance comes speed!

Sunday: You have made it to the best day of the week! You get to choose whether you want to take the day off or run 3-6miles very easy. If you do decide to run, seriously take the run easily. Don’t push the pace whatsoever. Maybe grab a friend who doesn’t run much to join you if you are afraid of going too fast; your legs need a rest every now and then and this easy run will help ensure that for you (and definitely the day off will as well).

Everyday: PLEASE make sure you are hydrating everyday, getting your rest (average of 7hours a night), eating healthily and just eating period, as well as stretching. Trust me, if you take care of your own body, your body will take care of you when you are out there competing/training.  Also don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the workouts or need help with them in any way, shape, or form.
Saturday, more about
February 16 – Embry-Riddle Last Chance
Monday (workout day): Start with a 1.5-3mile warmup, Gastritis
do some stretches (both dynamic and static), shop
and 2-4 100m strides. You will be doing 200s, 400s, and 600s. The workout will go like this: 200 hard (about 2-4seconds off what your race pace is at), 200 off, 400 hard (about 2-4seconds off what your race pace is at), 400 off, and then 600 hard (at race pace) and then 600 off. Do 3-4sets of this! After that do 4 100meter sprints with a minute rest in between. Recover with a 1-2mile cooldown and make sure you stretch afterwards too.

Tuesday: Easy run! Do anywhere from 4-8miles easy and enjoy the run. Try and do some strides and dynamic stretches after to stay loose.

Wednesday: Since we are on a Monday&Thursday workout routine, do anywhere from 4-9miles. But this time, do one of two things: Either make it a progression run (start at one pace and try to go a little faster each mile till the end) or include a fartleck in the middle of your run (i.e. 2mins fast, 1min easy, 1min hard, 1min easy, 30seconds hard, 1min easy and repeat for 3-4sets). The whole point of this is to warm your legs up for the next day. Trust me, it sounds ridiculous, but your legs will be thanking you for the heads up the next day.

Thursday (workout day): Start with a 1.5-3mile warmup, do some stretches (both dynamic and static), and 2-4 100m strides. You will be doing 800 repeats. Try and do each of them consistently at about 10-20 seconds slower than your race pace (ex: if your 800 time is a 2:30, try and hit these consistently between 2:40-2:50). This will help you get through the “wall” that most 800m runners hit at about 500-600meters into the race. It will also get your legs moving which will help your turnover come race day! Do 4-10 of these with a 400m slow jog in between each (or a 2minute standing recovery). After this do a 1-2mile cooldown and stretch!

Friday: Recovery run of 4-6miles.

Saturday: If you are racing then good luck! I will be there too and so will others to cheer you on as you approach that PR of yours!!!


If you are not running then…


Long Distance run! Try and do between 7-10 (For Girls) and 9-12 (For Guys) miles. We usually go to San Felasco to run on some trails so please come join us so you don’t have to do this all alone! If your legs feel fully recovered, include a mini fartleck during this to get some speed in (this is NOT required, just a consideration).

Sunday: Either take the day off or run for 30mins max. Don’t worry about the distance in the 30minutes of running because this day is to just help your legs relax.

Every night: Please make sure you stretch! This is very crucial to your training. The time you take to watch one television show could be also used to stretch! Make sure you hydrate during the day, eat (of course) and try to include your daily essentials (taking Vitamins is very helpful towards your training too). Last but not least, I know it may be hard, but make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night or take naps to make it up.
10 x 100m fast (full 5 min rest to improve lactic acid systems)
50-100-150-200-300-350 moderate, plague
but not all out (walk same distance for rest)

5 x 350m moderate, 2-3min rest
10 x Frat Row Hills (lasting longer than 10s)

6 x 150m, fast, 5-10min rest
100-200-300-400-300-200-100 moderate (walk same distance for rest)

10 x 100m hills (walk or jog back)
4 x 400m moderate (2-3 min rest)

8 x 200m moderate, rest walk 200m
2 x 450m, fast, 10min rest

Long run

Free day!

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