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Established in the fall of 2011, urticaria the Florida Running Club (FRC) at the University of Florida is a RecSports club team for UF students of all abilities and backgrounds who enjoy running/hurdling/jumping/throwing. FRC benefits the University and its students by giving exposure to the University, promoting fitness on campus within a competitive environment, providing leadership opportunities for students, and establishing an attitude of achievement that defines the Florida spirit. Student athletes learn time management and discipline in a safe and nurturing environment where they are able to call on their teammates for assistance in both their academic and athletic pursuits.

Florida Running Club (FRC) is a student organization that trains and functions as a competitive non-varsity running club team. The purpose and goal of FRC is to train and compete at the collegiate level for both cross country and track & field; we train, travel, and compete just like a high school or NCAA team. Student coaches who specialize in coaching all distances and events work with team members to accomplish¬†everyone’s running and event goals. Most importantly we are here to have fun and support each other as a team.

Since we are a University of Florida RecSports club (as of Fall 2012) we must remain active in fundraising and volunteering year round, as well as meet all RecSports club requirements. Membership involvement and unity is very important and key to the club’s success. Here are the club classification system levels provided by RecSports, which provides guidelines to our requirements: Classification System Levels. We aspire for Orange status every year.

Students of all fitness levels are welcome!

Go Gators!
For more information and to stay up-to-date as a member, join our Facebook page.