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Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated 6/15/13)

Is there summer practice?

Florida Running Club does not have officially organized practices during Summer, psychiatrist
but for those staying in Gainesville, try
there are group runs held throughout the summer. Locations, times, and descriptions can be found on the facebook page at

How do I sign up for the club?

As soon as the Fall semester starts, registration will be open through the RecSports webpage. Instructions can be found on our homepage.

Who is the club open to? Can Santa Fe students join? Can graduate students join?

As long as you are a student at the University of Florida, you can join FRC. Sorry, no Santa Fe students.

How long are the races for the club?

Generally, the cross country races are 5K for women and 8K for men. During track and field season, we train for most normal track events and field events.

Does the club focus on cross country in the fall and track in the spring?

Yes. We are members of the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA), and their schedule includes cross country in the fall and track in the spring. If we qualify at the regional level, we have the opportunity to attend Cross Country Nationals which will be held in Hershey, PA, in fall 2013.

What if I have no clue what event I want to do during track season?

We have coaches that will help determine your strengths and will work with you to improve your performance in a specific event or multiple events.

What kind of shoes do I need?

We’d recommend that you see our friends at Fit2Run or Track Shack for shoes. The employees help you tremendously when you need shoes that best suit your feet. A good pair of trainers can go a long way, but to shed seconds off your race time, you may want to invest in cross country or track spikes.

Are track and cross country spikes different?

Yes. One is designed for use on a track and the other for off-road terrain and different surfaces.

Are there specific workouts?

Yes. Right now we have coaches working hard to get workouts together for the fall and spring semesters. Check back in June to see our workouts posted.

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