Distance Training Schedule

Track Training Schedule 1/27/14 through 2/2/14

This page features local races in the Gainesville area, page on or near the UF campus. September 28th- ChORD 5k/Half-Marathon race October 12th-Dog Days 5K 19th- Paynes Prairie 5K 19th- Race for Rehab 5K 19th-Color Vibe 26th-Color Me Rad 5K […]

Track Training Schedule 1/20/14 through 1/26/14

Florida Running Club Calendar Long Distance • Monday: 1-2mile warmup followed by a 4-6mile progression run dropping 5-10seconds per mile. End with a 1mile cooldown, doctor stretch, and do 4-8 strides • Tuesday: 1-3mile warmup then circuit training. You will […]

Track Training Schedule 1/13/14 through 1/19/14

Fall 2013 Cross Country Schedule Long Distance • Monday: You will begin with a 1-3mile warmup. Afterwards make sure you stretch, medical stride out and get ready for a workout. You will be doing 10 to 12 x (400m at […]

Track Training Schedule 1/6/14 – 1/12/14

Whats up guys?! Spring Semester starts tomorrow (in case you somehow forgot..) and I can’t wait to see you guys again! I hope you all enjoyed your break and are ready for another awesome semester of running/Track. Just as a […]

Track Training Schedule Week 3 (12/30/13 – 1/05/14)

President – Peter Jude Peter runs the 8k during XC season and the 5k and 10k during track season. His PRs are 16:12 in the 5k, cialis 40mg 28:39 in the 8k, and 10:00 in the 3200m. He is a […]


Monday- 1-2 mile warm up, doctor 4×1200 at race pace with 3 minute recovery, weight loss 1-2 mile cool down. Tuesday- 40-70 minute recovery run. Wednesday- 30-60 minutes easy. Thursday- 1-2 mile warm up, 5×1 mile at threshold pace with […]


Monday: 4-8 miles easy, cheap grass drills – each exercise done twice: walking high knees, capsule karaoke with high knee, about it butt kicks, zippers (find a line on the grass and make a zipper design with legs), bounding, and […]


Monday- 1-2 mile warmup, treatment 6×1000 at race pace with 3 minute recovery, 1-2 mile cool down. Tuesday- 30-70 minute recovery run. Wednesday- 30-60 minutes easy Thursday- 1-2 mile warmup, 4×1600 at threshold pace with 1 minute recovery, 1-2 mile […]


Monday- 1-2 mile warmup, this web 4×1 mile at race pace with 3 minute recovery after each mile, ed 1-2 mile cool down. Tuesday- 30-70 minute recovery run. Wednesday- 30-60 minute easy run. Thursday- 1-2 mile warmup, 2×2 mile at […]


Monday (workout day): Start with a 1.5-3mile warmup (make sure your legs are actually warmed up so you don’t pull anything). Do some stretches (both dynamic and static), sildenafil do 2-4 100m strides, hepatitis and get some water. The workout is […]