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2012 RecSports Intramural Track & Field Meet

RecSports’ annual track and field meet went down on November 1, prosthesis 2012, medications and a fair number of FRC runners partook in the revelry. Take a look at the results in Excel spreadsheet goodness or the tried-and-true PDF format.

1/28/13 – 2/3/13

Monday – 30-70 minutes moderate pace, page finish up with 6x80m uphill sprints with full recovery (walk-down). Tuesday – 30-60 minutes easy. Wednesday – 30-70 minutes easy. Thursday – 1.5 mile warmup, and tempo run (5 miles, or 7.5 for […]

1/28/13 – 2/3/13

Mike P.’s training schedule for 1/28 – 2/3: Preview | Download

1/21/13 – 1/27/13

Mike P.’s training schedule for 1/21 – 1/27: Preview | Download

1/21/13 – 1/27/13

With Summer B now underway, advice Coaches Morgan Keppel and Michael Pancotto now have weekly training schedules that will be posted here on the site. Check out the week’s workouts under the “Training Schedule” tab above, or click here. Remember, […]

Welcome to 2013!

A Happy New Year to one and all! After a marvelous cross country season in the fall, misbirth plans for the 2013 track and field season are underway. Below are some quick recaps of the major races we attended this […]